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Updated: Mar 31, 2020

The Renegades Rocket League squad successfully converted their 6-1 league record into a top seed at RLCS Season 8 following a dominating performance in Auckland. The LPL Oceanic Finals were there for the taking and the boys did not hesitate, going 12-5 across their three series against Chiefs & Canberra Havoc to book their spot in Madrid for the world finals on December 13. “It felt like the bracket was played in reverse, the first series was the most exciting series I’d say. I think we all had our moments - we all popped off. With the bootcamp that we’re going to get [before Worlds], I think we’ll smash it.” - Cameron ‘Kamii’ Ingram The win in Auckland marks Daniel ‘Torsos’ Parsons’ sixth straight qualification at worlds & his second under RNG, while Cameron ‘Kamii’ Ingram returns to the RLCS finals for the fifth time. For Christopher ‘Siki’ Magee, Madrid’s RLCS finals will be his second RLCS and his maiden showing at the premier calendar event under RNG after a stellar record in league play that earned him both Golden Striker & Regular Season MVP. “At the start of the season it was a bit shaky but we still came in confident. I’m more comfortable now - before joining I definitely thought I would be the third man in. For [RLCS finals] chances? High hopes.” - Siki A nail-biting 4-3 win including three overtimes saw RNG through to the winners match early against expected runner-up Chiefs, but the recently-rebranded Canberra Havoc shocked the region with a dominant win over Ground Zero before a stylish 4-3 effort eliminated Chiefs and booked a rematch against the boys. However, the three-time Gauntlet champions and league winners were there to set the record straight. The Renegades dispatched the Havoc 4-1 in the final to lock in the top seed for RLCS and a cool $12,500, including a $3,500 bonus to Siki for league play Golden Striker & League MVP. RNG will open their RLCS account against NA-based eUnited on December 13, with a win meaning a shot at playoffs qualification against the current world champions Renault Vitality. Stay tuned to the Renegades as they continue their road to RLCS on Twitter! #RNGWIN Written by Nicholas ‘Taffy’ Taifalos @TaffyAU on Twitter


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