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Updated: Mar 31, 2020

After over a year out of the competitive scene, the Renegades are proud to announce a return to Rocket League today with the acquisition of the Oceanic roster of ex-Chiefs.  Daniel “Torsos” Parsons, Cameron “Kamii” Ingram & Aidan “ZeN” Hui make up RNG’s newest roster as the Renegades continue their focus on growth & expansion as an internationally recognized franchise.  From youth to experience, the new squad has it all in spades. From Torsos’ debut at the RLCS 3 Finals under Alpha Sydney - joining JAM Gaming as Oceania’s first representatives on the main stage - to linking up with Kamii at RLCS Season 4 in Washington D.C., the team are no strangers to the main stage.  The RLCS Season 6 finals were groundbreaking for the ex-Chiefs; Kamii & Torsos together with Drippay (Evil Geniuses) took down giants PSG, NRG & EG in incredible fashion to finish 4th at the event and plant OCE firmly on the Rocket League map.  ZeN’s breakthrough came, funnily enough, against this Chiefs lineup. ZeN scored the winning goal in Avant Gaming’s 4-2 win over Chiefs in the inaugural Gfinity Australia Elite Series - the Chief’s first loss in 18 months in Oceania. ZeN would join the lineup 6 months later after a flawless 7-0 Throwdown Stage Qualifier run with ORDER, finishing 3rd overall at the event.  2019 is already shaping up well for the squad, who have won five of the six weekly Gauntlet bracket series, with potential aplenty for this young squad looking to better their efforts at the upcoming RLCS Season 7 major in Newark, NJ. Renegades: Rocket League Daniel ‘Torsos’ Parsons Cameron ‘Kamii’ Ingram Aidan ‘ZeN’ Hui - - - #RNGWIN Written by Nicholas ‘Taffy’ Taifalos @TaffyAU on Twitter


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