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Fortnite: Renegades Decimate the CoreOCE Pro League! It wasn’t even close.  The month-long CoreOCE Pro League for Fortnite has ended with the Renegades absolutely annihilating opposition across both solo and squad competitions.  Finishing with 73 points, RNG blew apart the likes of Australian orgs Chiefs, Dark Sided and Athletico with over double the score and 20 match wins ahead of second-place Mindfreak. Check out @UrbanVisualFX’s highlight video of the best moments of the season, featuring a number of clips of the RNG boys carving up!  If that wasn’t enough, the duo leaderboard looked quite similar - all four of the Renegades players topped the leaderboard with Harley “mrfreshasian” Campbell taking out the league duo championship ahead of Jordan by 30 points. Combined, the Renegades nabbed 908 kills in a dominant showing in their first major league in the OCE region.  Streaming their scrims on their Twitch channel, RNG members x2twins Jesse & Jordan Eckleyhave kept the fans entertained throughout their huge run in the league, netting close to 40,000 views in the previous month and over 2,500 followers since their merge with the Renegades, closing in fast on 1,000 subscribers in the process.  There’s plenty more Fortnite to come, with the team looking to attend PAX Australia in Melbourne in late October! More information will be released soon but keep an eye out on the PAX-AUS website for schedule updates and tickets. In the meantime, keep up to date with the team through their socials on Twitter (Renegades, x2Twins, Hershicals, mrfreshasian, sozo). #RNGFortnite Written by Nicholas “Taffy” Taifalos @TaffyAU on Twitter

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