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Announcing Renegades CS:GO’s Newest Pair from Down Under After internal discussions following the FACEIT London Major, the Renegades CS:GO division today officially announce the lineup heading into the back end of 2018 and, hopefully, beyond. We say goodbye to long-time players Noah “Nifty” Francis & Karlo “USTILO” Pivac, and a farewell to coach Steve “Ryu” Rattacasa. The Renegades once again wish them the very best of luck in their careers both on and off the server.  The secret is well and truly out - RNG would like to welcome the newest members of the CS:GO squad in Jay "liazz" Tregillgas and Sean “Gratisfaction” Kaiwai. + liazz “I really don't care about being the best player in the region. I want to be recognized as a player internationally.” Jay "liazz" Tregillgas has for years dominated the Oceanic CS:GO scene, boasting an incredible 1.21 rating on HLTV (=3rd all time, all regions) over 475 maps. Most of these matches were played against a variety of Australian or New Zealand squads ranging from budding qualifier teams to the very elite OCE has to offer but his consistency deserves recognition. Only of recent has liazz had chances to compete on the international stage; stints with storied Australian organisations like Kings Gaming Club, Athletico and Tainted Minds saw moderate success in tournament depth but profound individual performance from the 21 year old. On ORDER, liazz excelled once more and helped see his team through to China’s WESG 2017 finals, IEM Katowice 2018 and a decent run at IEM Sydney 2018, losing out to Cloud 9 in a nail biter but performing admirably with a 43-frag effort in the final map. He finished the event with a 1.25 rating and +28 kill difference. Today, liazz becomes a Renegade. We hope to transition liazz into a position fit for his drive and to help him reach his goal - to compete with a team and organisation that will provide opportunities for him to develop beyond a one-region specialist and become that recognized international star he aims to be. + Gratisfaction Calling New Zealand the “younger brother” of the still-developing Oceanic CS:GO scene would be an understatement, and yet amongst the few Kiwi representatives Sean “Gratisfaction” Kaiwai has managed to make his mark to establish himself as one of NZ’s best. From 2015 the now-22 year old has competed under famous Australian-based brands like Corvidae and Team Immunity, but undoubtedly his breakthrough came with Grayhound Gaming in mid 2017. Developing an AWPers play style whilst surrounded by some of Oceania’s most experienced players Grat stepped up to assist his team in a successful streak of qualifications throughout 2017 and 2018. Experience came through GH’s storied run at IEM Sydney 2018 before successful qualifications to the ESL Pro League S7 finals in Dallas, IEM Shanghai in China and Dreamhack Masters in Stockholm, seeing Grat become one of New Zealand’s most travelled players. Grat starred in GH’s narrow loss to FaZe at IEM Sydney, landing 41 AWP kills in 3 maps and out-AWPing GuardiaN. His 1.67 opening kill ratio (1573 kills - 944 deaths) rates among the highest for AWPers worldwide let alone in OCE and his determination and composure against the world’s best made the choice that much easier. Welcome to the Renegades, Sean! Renegades CS:GO: Justin “jks” Savage Aaron “AZR” Ward Joakim “jkaem” Myrbostad Sean “Gratisfaction” Kaiwai Jay “liazz” Tregillgas Coach: TBA - - - Written by Nicholas “Taffy” Taifalos @TaffyAU on Twitter

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