Welcoming Nicovald & Yamikaze to #RNGTV

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“What’s up guys, Nicovald here!”

Moving from his home country of Peru to Canada, Nicovald’s humble beginnings of his YouTube career began in Call of Duty and Minecraft in early-mid 2016. Then a collection of single-player playthroughs and the occasional vlog, Nico’s channel steadily grew over time from a dedicated viewer base of 2500 to a thriving community of over 180,000 subscribers over the following two years.

“I had always played and recorded a few different games like Minecraft and Call of Duty, but I got home one day in September [2017] and I had been looking into Fortnite for a bit, so I decided I would stream it - I haven’t looked back since.”

His channel truly took off in September 2017 with the release of his first Fortnite Battle Royale stream and video. Nicovald had been playing Fortnite since the beginning and at the time Fortnite BR was in its infancy, but Nico knew then that it would become something spectacular.

“I would say that I kind of knew that [Fortnite] was going to be huge, but I didn’t know at the time just how big it would get and how far it would go. It’s amazing how far the game is reaching now though.”

Further success and exposure came at Fortnite’s Fall Skirmish Series in October 2018. Competing with Ghost Gaming’s Saf, Nico locked in 3rd in the Week 3 ladder including one match win, netting the pair over USD$36,000 in prize money. Totalling over 5 million views and 22,000 Twitter followers since, the sky is truly the limit for Nicovald and today we welcome him to the Renegades Stream Team!

“I came across video games really late I guess. I didn’t really play that much until after I had moved to Canada, in about the 10th grade. To be able to go from part-time work to running a YouTube channel and working on a hobby has been amazing.”

You can catch Nicovald’s stream & channel on YouTube here, and be sure to keep up to date with him over on Twitter!

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Challenge him if you dare.

The second of our newest members to the RNG Stream Team is League of Legends streamer Yamikaze! Hailing from the U.S., Yamikaze is known most well for his clinical and devastating Talon, with which he has risen to the very top of the ranked ladder in the NA region. Yamikaze has recorded over 2400 ranked games on Talon, with a huge 60% win rate on the champion.  

“My friend got me into League around March 2012 in 6th grade. I wanted to climb the ladder so I one-picked Talon to climb faster but then it got to the point where I couldn’t play any other champion as well as Talon.”

Raking in kills left and right, Yamikaze rose to prominence over his to-date five season stint in ranked. Starting out in ranked in Season 2, he made Challenger in 2018’s Season 8 and peaked at Rank 30 in his first season in the prestigious top-flight.

“It got to the point where people were only watching my stream for my Talon. If I had a bigger champion pool I don’t think people would watch, because I feel there would be no reason to watch me over a pro mid player. But pro mids don’t play Talon; being a one-trick is really good for streaming.”

It’s paid off for Yamikaze in spades - his Twitch channel has grown to over 20,000 followers since he began streaming in 2017 and recently cracked over two million all-time unique views, while his highlights channel on YouTube has grown to over 30,000 subscribers.

“[League] is definitely way bigger now, I started playing before it really popped off. Back then Starcraft was the top esport, the top played game on Twitch. I remember being excited when League finally overtook it as the most watched game. The game is a lot more refined now – I’m glad I picked League, for sure.”

Outside of playing League, Yamikaze also juggles studying, coaching & analysis for his university LoL team at Northwestern University, for which he receives a scholarship.

“I’ve been streaming since mid-2016. Back then I was like ‘maybe it would be cool if some people watched me play League’ because everyone likes watching others play video games, so I just streamed. I got kinda lucky – I got well known for playing Talon so streaming just kind of came along.”

Tune into Yamikaze’s Twitch channel here, check out his highlights and moments on his YouTube channel and give him a follow on Twitter!


Written by Nicholas “Taffy” Taifalos

@TaffyAU on Twitter