Renegades Enter Vainglory

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Battle for the Crystal - Renegades Enters Vainglory & South-East Asia

Following their wins at the Tesseract League Autumn Championship & the SEA Mobile Major 2017, the Renegades are proud to announce their entry into Vainglory with the acquisition of Infamous Gaming!

Consisting of starters Chingy, spaghetti and SnkEA, substitiutes uNi and Tezzaboy, and with the backing of an incredibly studied and resolute analyst team, the lineup will be fighting to win the upcoming season of Vainglory 8 South-East Asia and stake their claim as the best in the region. The Vainglory team is the newest squad to join the Renegades fold, as well as our first steps into mobile esports and the South-East Asian esports scene.

Vainglory is a fast-action MOBA developed for mobile & tablet devices, with teams of three pitted against each other in a battle of strategy, teamwork and skill in an attempt to destroy the opponent’s Vain Crystal for victory. Each player assumes control of an in-game hero or "avatar" each with a different skillset and playstyle.

Vainglory is one of a number of mobile MOBAs that aim to replicate the success of the genre on a mobile device instead of a desktop or laptop computer. Succeed they have, opening from beta with a recorded 1.5 million monthly active users across both Android and iOS Apple devices, as well as the development of an esports scene with both the game's developer Super Evil MegaCorp and Tesseract Esports.


It was a strong start for the core of the squad, with spaghetti's dream of a powerhouse South-East Asian team seemingly realised following the merge with SnKEA and uNi. Under Infamous Gaming, and despite a number of issues and problems throughout the Summer Season the team came out on top, with just one regular season loss to Popeyes.

More problems arose at the offline finals in Jakarta; SnkEA had passport issues and couldn’t attend the event, forcing substitute ClowNy into the side, while uNi had injured his finger and hand before the finals, majorly affecting his ability to play.