The Way of the Future

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Jonas Jerebko believes NBA's Partnership with Twitch is 'The Way of the Future'

BOSTON -- The NBA's recent partnership with Twitch to provide another streaming option for G League games caught Utah Jazz forward Jonas Jerebko's eye. 

Jerebko, an eSports franchise owner, is familiar with the product, which has grown wildly popular in the video game world. 

"I saw that. It's interesting," Jerebko said Friday at a Jazz shootaround. "I think a lot more young people are going to start watching some basketball."

For now, the NBA only plans to stream select G League games on Twitch. According to a press release Thursday, the league will broadcast six games per week at

But it's obvious the NBA is experimenting with a new product. The partnership could potentially clear the way for a future where NBA fans can choose from a number of different commentator options on Twitch in addition to the normal television crews. 

"That's the way of the future," said Jerebko, who bought the rights to the Renegades eSports franchise in 2016. "Twitch -- people don't want to watch TV anymore. They want to go on their computer, iPad or phone and watch it. So if it's easily reachable for them they're going to watch it.

"You can download Twitch on the app and just turn it on and watch the G-League. You know? So it's going to be a lot easier for people to watch," added Jerebko. "You can have a little window so you can be a commentator. And people can watch you commentate a game. So it might bring out some new talent in commentating. And it's going to give people a lot of opportunity."