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ELEAGUE Results & RLCS Kicks Off

The dawn of a new age for the Renegades CS:GO team began in Atlanta following Keith "NAF" Markovic's acquisition from OpTic. Immediately the challenge was set for RNG; they were drawn into Group A with EU super team FaZe Clan, last week's Dreamhack Malmö champions G2 Esports and CIS giants Natus Vincere, all tier one teams capable of winning the event.

Not only did the Renegades draw into one of the hardest groups, they were also up first, thus only given the one week of preparation with NAF for the weekend's matches, played offline at Turner Broadcasting Studios' ELEAGUE Arena in Atlanta, Georgia.

In the opening match, RNG met FaZe, who were an incredibly experienced opponent at their most vulnerable. They too had undergone roster changes, picking up former Na`Vi AWPer Ladislav "GuardiaN" Kovács and Fnatic's Olof 'olofmeister' Kajbjer, following their shock 0-3 exit at the PGL Major Qualifier. Earlier at Dreamhack Malmö the Europeans had stumbled in their group, dropping their decider series in a shock loss to Gambit.

RNG's first half brought hope for an upset - starting on their preferred Terrorist side, the boys shot out to a quick 3-0 lead after winning a great pistol round. Noah "Nifty" Francis was up to the task of handling GuardiaN's AWP, but it was a massive play from NAF that saw the Renegades move to recover.

In a one versus three with just a pistol, he landed a headshot and proceeded to plant the bomb before taking down the retake with a single point of health, dodging two Molotov cocktails and landing the shots needed to spark a recovery for the half, finishing 8-7 down but well in it.

Unfortunately it was NiKo and GuardiaN who stepped up for FaZe in the second half, and with a lot of focus by the Renegades on the middle of the map, the Europeans went straight for the bombsites. With too much firepower in the end, the Renegades went down in a spirited performance 16-9.

The elimination match was next against G2 Esports, and the Malmö champions were quick out of the gate, showing their experience and class against the Renegades. It was a brave performance from the boys, including a risky Nuke map pick for map two, but ultimately G2 were too good on the day, taking the series 2-0.

While this means the end of RNG's ELEAGUE run, the team took valuable experience from matches against some of the best teams in the world. Both at Malmö and in Atlanta this past week would have been brilliant in the development of the team for events to come, and with a variety of qualifiers over the coming fortnight plus a volatile North American scene, the Renegades can and will capitalize.


The crossbar was both friend and foe for the Renegades as they began their Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) against NRG Esports and G2 Esports. The season covers five weekends of action across September and October, with the eight teams in competition playing for the lion's share of $83,000.

RNG frontman Chris "Dappur" Mendoza this time was against Universal CBS 2v2 teammate Garrett "GarrettG" Gordon from NRG as the boys went down early to their American rivals, with shots from Dappur and Caleb "Moses" Nichols hitting the crossbar and side post. NRG weren't as unlucky, and while the Renegades improved as the series on with Moses landing the first RNG goal of the event, NRG came out on top taking the best-of-five opener 3-0.

In the second series against European organisation G2, it took four minutes in the opening match to find a goal as the Renegades looked far more adept in defence. They dropped the first game, but Timi "Timi" Falodun switched up the aggression and with assistance from Dappur, scored the opener.

Game 2 was played up the middle, with both teams at a stalemate until G2 broke the seemingly endless deadlock with an equalizer just over a minute before game's end. RNG played it safe, and looked to end the game in overtime. It was Timi with a great solo effort, baiting G2's Kronovi into an aerial save, then shooting it off the backboard after just 18 seconds of overtime to draw it at 1-1.

However, G2's experience shone in the next two matches. Long range goals and aerial solo efforts as well as some more crossbar post shots proved too much for the Renegades - G2 taking their second win over RNG as an organisation in one day, the final best-of-five score 3-1.

Only one week down for RLCS, with plenty more to come over the next month with their next matches against Emotion and FlyQuest on September 23. For all the RLCS action both in North America and in Europe, check out the Twitch stream at

Written by Nicholas "Taffy" Taifalos

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