The FACEIT Major: New Challenger Stage Day 2

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Match Preview (0-1): Renegades vs Gambit


The Renegades were very confident in the Overpass map pick against BIG but it backfired spectacularly in a heavy 16-6 loss to send the boys into the lower matches. RNG definitely didn’t look awful in some of the T executes towards the later parts of the round but BIG’s aggressive change ups and tabseN’s pinpoint AWP shots had the boys searching aimlessly for answers. 

Not only that, but as expected BIG’s utility use was beyond world class, with RNG as a unit losing upwards of 100 HP before even seeing a CT defender in a number of rounds. 

RNG’s round two opponent Gambit performed admirably given expectations in their overtime loss to TyLoo on Inferno, a map that could very well be seen in a matchup that hasn’t proven easy for the Australians in the past. 


Head to Head: Gambit 7 - 3 Renegades (all-time) | Gambit 3 - 2 Renegades (last 6 months) 

Last Meeting: Gambit 2-0 @ Dreamhack Open Summer - Group B Elimination (16-6, 16-13) 

Key Match Up: AZR vs Dosia. Both play a very similar role in the team - providing support rifle assistance to their entry fraggers and, even though Dosia has taken on more of a leadership role in the team, both give mid-round calls at minimum. Almost nothing separates them in KDR/KPR in the previous 6 months - AZR leads both stats by 0.01 - and both don’t rely on one player to carry the team. Depth is crucial in both of these teams and while the consistency of jkaem, jks, AdreN, Hobbit and mou is almost guaranteed, it’s the 3rd string in the team that will provide the support necessary to get the win. For AZR in particular, his strength lies in certain maps - his form fluctuates wildly per map but on maps like Cache and Inferno he can work far better with his lead players to guarantee a follow-up. 

RNG’s Stat of the Day: Renegades gave up 19 kills to the AWP of tabseN and smooya, most coming on the T side of Overpass in just 22 rounds played. Full credit to the BIG AWPers for some fantastic change ups in aggression in A mid/B short but in almost all occasions the Renegades offered no one in support of an opening peek, immediately dropping into a 4v5. It was a similar scenario in the previous matchup against Gambit - mou went nuclear dropping 16 kills with the big green on Overpass alone. Fortunately for the Renegades, while Gambit do have the potential to pull out the second AWP on AdreN, it will likely be limited and far less potent than the smooya-tabseN combination from yesterday. 

GAM’s Stat of the Day: While on the topic of AWPing, mou once again proved an almost unbreakable asset to the CIS squad yesterday. 29 of his 36 kills came with the big green including dragging his team into overtime with a great quad kill in the 30th round. Mou tormented the Renegades at Dreamhack Summer with 53 kills in the 2-map series, with almost half with the AWP. While he went down in kills against his TyLoo opposite in xccurate, mou has proven time and time again that he can go at it with the best of them. Expect him to play a similar position to BIG’s tabseN, switching up site-turret AWPing with aggressive risk-reward peeks at close angles. 

RNG’s Way to Win: Fundamentals & basics. Too often yesterday the boys opened a round in a 4v5 or went for a super-late execute with gaps in smokes or failing to clear a common site angle. The boys have proved themselves with utility in the past and sit close to the top 10 with flash assists per round yet yesterday much of their time was spent preparing an execute that fell apart with very little time in the round to adjust or recover to plant/defuse. Peek as one, trade at minimum, take/retake parts of the map, execute, prepare for a retake. Keep it simple and treat today’s match as the opener. Get your defaults down-pat! 

GAM’s Way to Win: Mid-round calls & CT aggression. Multiple times yesterday TyLoo capitalised on an impatient play from the B site holders who continued to aggress past tree to the waiting arms of a TyLoo setup, or stay in banana holding a “one-and-done” angle solo while keeping the second player back on site. If Gambit commit to aggression, which was proven very effective against RNG’s slow execute style yesterday, it needs to be full aggression in that it should involve the second/third player. Changing up the aggression round after round across both bombsites is the way to go, BIG proved that yesterday.




Written by Nicholas “Taffy” Taifalos

@TaffyAU on Twitter