StarSeries i-League Season 8 Recap

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Renegades Delight In Turkey

The Renegades CS:GO squad have returned from their post-Major reprieve in style, claiming 4th at last weekend’s StarSeries & i-League Season 8 in Turkey.

This event had it all; mammoth map margins, individual clutch plays & plenty of Krieg-on-Krieg action but the Renegades overcame it all to post back-to-back top four finishes at major LAN events.

Justin ‘jks’ Savage is reaffirming his consistency at the very top following another positive event, finishing the LAN with a team-high 1.09 rating (+16 kill differential, 75 ADR, 5 clutches inc. 2 1v3’s). Many eyes were also upon Sean ‘Gratisfaction’ Kaiwai who impressed with a 1.04 rating (45 opening kills, 114 AWP kills, 5 clutches inc. 3 1v2’s).

In the end, with a total rating spread of 0.14, it was a team-wide effort that enabled RNG to take the series wins necessary, especially in the group stage where ensuring the team enters the playoffs in the upper bracket was crucial.

In a first for CS:GO the format involved a gruelling double-elimination group and playoff stage but the Renegades showed no signs of weakness early in the tournament, opening their account with a 2-1 win over MIBR, followed by a clinical 2-0 over a resurgent Fnatic.

Despite a secure top six spot RNG didn’t rest on their laurels, taking to the group winner bracket final against Vitality in a firestorm of frags. The boys took a commanding 12-0 lead and converted quickly into a 16-2 win before dispatching of the French on their Nuke pick 16-2 to lock down first seed in the playoff stage.

American side Evil Geniuses, who were slow starters at the event but had recovered to take second seed from Group B, proved too dominant in the boys’ opening playoff best-of-three in a fast 2-0 that would send RNG straight into the lower bracket for an MIBR rematch.

In a mental three-mapper the scorelines were mirrored in their dominance - RNG took their pick of Inferno in a fast 16-5 before MIBR hit straight back on Train 16-6 to force Mirage. The opening rounds were as close as they come, with two in-smoke defuses keeping the boys ahead on their CT side before RNG extended the lead through two clutches.

The clutches proved to be the difference-maker as RNG shot to a 9-1 lead as MIBR crumbled. The boys would walk away with the victory 16-5, but with their follow-up match against a rested FURIA later that day their energy had been spent. RNG would go down fighting in a 16-9, 16-11 loss to the Brazilian squad.

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Written by Nicholas “Taffy” Taifalos

@TaffyAU on Twitter