Renegades Win Paladins Global Series NA

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Paladins Global Series - Renegades are your Phase 2 NA Champions!

Splyce, G2, EnVyUs.

Three top teams in the North American region weren't enough to stop a barn-storming Renegades from victory in Week 4 of the NA Paladins Global Series Phase 2.

In an inspired underdog performance against some of the world's best, and fielding new 5th Lokii, the Renegades could not be stopped as they swept the competition in the final 8, dropping one map across the finals and taking home the $2,000 monthly prize purse.

While the highlight of the day would have been the 3-0 demolition of world champions G2 Esports, it was the 3-1 grand final victory over Team EnVyUs, who overcame SK Gaming in their semi-final, that would be the talking point for the day's play.

EnVy were fresh off their win and took the opening map in a quick match, with EnVy's focus solely on the objective throughout the series. However, RNG were warming up, and Vandyy on the hard flank on Frozen Guard was splitting the EnVy offence to pieces. Cliku's hooks onto important DPS players, followed by a Renegades barrage of damage onto the hooked target, meant that EnVy were playing one down before the fights began and with Vandyy behind them for the majority, the Renegades had no troubles on the payload with a swift 4-1 to level the series.

The Renegades showed versatility in the third map on Jaguar Falls, this time taking it to EnVy's straight up objective play to instead focus the opening point and capture the opening payload. It was a match of skill economy, with both teams opting to give up a point in exchange for saving ultimate skills until, at 3-3 and with EnVy looking in control, Stormtroopey came up huge. On the support healer, he cleaned up three EnVy players and held the point long enough to see RNG back up and running, before the following capture point again saw Stormtroopey controlling the match.

Map 4, series point for RNG and they changed it up again. Vardyy, having a quieter map 3, teamed with Lokii's Viktor and picked up Strix, landing incredible long-range headshots to again open up the EnVy assault, this time from afar. In a different take to the map the Renegades stayed low, instead of taking high ground available to them.

The strategy proved successful, with only the first payload capture point going the distance as the Renegades made quick work of their North American counterparts 4-1 in the final map, taking the best-of-5 series 3-1 and the Phase 2 championship. While the focus was on a much more co-ordinated Renegades outfit, you cannot exclude the equally-incredible solo performances throughout the series, with each player on RNG finding moments to shine, and shine they did.


Written by Nicholas "Taffy" Taifalos