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The 5 Hour Energy® Detroit Renegades defied the odds in what was called the "group of death" to not only progress to the playoffs of Series Zero of the Overwatch Contenders, but to do so in the top seed.


So what happens when you add a dedicated full-time coach to the squad?

Time will tell but hopes are high as the Detroit Renegades are proud to announce Alex “Aurace” Nguyen as the 5 Hour Energy® Overwatch head coach! Aurace has been a part of the North American Overwatch scene since its early inception at beta, and despite the game only a year into its official release, drew from previous coaching experience in other games in order to mentor players in Overwatch.

"I followed Counter-Strike way before Overwatch was released. What interested me [in Overwatch] though was that it was a mix between League of Legends, which I coached before when I was in college, and Counter-Strike which I coached and followed heavily, while also taking elements from Quake. It was around about the official release of Overwatch that I began to coach to a higher degree in the game." - Alex "Aurace" Nguyen

Aurace has coached NA squad Team Liquid for the previous three months, with successful results including prize placings at the Overwatch Carbon Series and the NA PIT Championship, and is relishing the opportunity to work with the young Renegades team.

"I feel like right now the major difference between the teams and players is previous pro experience from similar titles like Team Fortress 2 and Quake, compared to some of the younger players in the Renegades, but also in Overwatch in general. Being fresh and new, the younger blood brings a more adaptable playstyle to the meta; they don’t have anything set in stone from their previous experiences and are open-minded, which can definitely have its downsides but for the most part, just brings a fresh and positive outlook on the game which can only be good, as we’ve seen from the Renegades this event." - Alex "Aurace" Nguyen

The Renegades had a hugely successful run through their Contenders group and, with the bracket ahead of them for the remainder of the event, Aurace is confident that the Renegades will see off opposition for a finals berth, but it won't be an easy tournament win for the boys.

"I mean right now Immortals is an extremely good team – picking up players and a coach from Korea and bringing them to North America has also brought a new light to the team, which they were desperately in need of. I think they’re one of the top contenders with Luminosity Evil, who have really found their pacing again through the groups. Those two are probably our toughest opponents but I believe with our playoff bracket we should easily make the final and possibly take it all if we bring our A game." - Alex "Aurace" Nguyen

"I think having someone there to work with the players full-time that is going to be reliably and consistently able to influence the team every day. I know that Aurace had delivered results in the past with his experiences at Team Liquid, and I know that he’s an absolutely outstanding asset to the organisation. As soon as I found out he was available, I immediately put his name down. The goal is definitely 1st place for Contenders Season 0, and moving forwards to Season 1, we’d like to go as far as possible of course." - Cameron McAlees, Renegades Overwatch Manager

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