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RNG Paladins got a second chance to be sent to Atlanta upon learning that the SEA PGS team couldn’t make it due to visa issues. The team would then compete in a play-in match against ChromaSpace of the CIS region. The winner would match up against Fnatic in the quarterfinals. 

Play-In Match vs ChromaSpace (CIS)

ChromaSpace’s composition on Brightmarsh was headed by the two Stagalla tanks (Inara and Terminus) and Mal’Damba always keeping them topped off. Renegades looked to stop that force with Drogoz’s Dragon Punch to instantly kill a tank and Fernando’s anti heal on his Fireball with the Brand card. The CIS squad took an early 75% to 9% capture lead and held on despite pushback from Renegades because of a perfect Inara wall that separated RNG Paladins in two. ChromaSpace was able to push the payload about 50% of the way before being completely shut down with roughly 1:45 remaining. Despite having four players alive, RNG Paladins conceded the payload push and found themselves down 0-2. The single front line composition just wasn’t working for Renegades, as they gave up the second point 100% to 0% to make the score 3-0. A single front line composition can work, just not when the other team has the two best solo tanks. Terminus’ triple kill sealed ChromaSpace’s surprisingly dominant win of the first game.

The CIS squad drafted Terminus and Inara once again, but this time, on Jaguar Falls, Renegades had the answer. Taking away Mal’Damba, forcing ChromaSpace to pick Seris, and selecting Pip for his Evil Mojo ultimate that quickly disposes of tanks were smart draft decisions that would certainly make this map more competitive. ChromaSpace still came out swinging, as they had a 99% to 3% capture lead before RNG Paladins decided it was time to strike. Renegades took the point and held on for dear life until they eventually held a 1-0 lead. Much like ChromaSpace did the map previously, RNG Paladins secured the first payload push to make the score 2-0. ChromaSpace had an early lead, 27% to 3%, but lost it and the point after getting clumped up at the Falls’ main entrance. Renegades looked to end the game with all five members having killstreaks of eight or more. A triple kill by Dylan “Cliku” Mohne on Ruckus and a double kill by Georges “Lokii” Chalhoub on Sha Lin sealed the 4-0 win for Renegades to tie up the series at 1-1.

Given how strong snipers are on Frog Isle, both Strix and Kinessa were banned to start the draft. ChromaSpace decided to go in a new direction with their draft, as they elected for Terminus and Khan instead of Terminus and Inara. Their composition this map centered around Luminary Jenos boosting the damage of Maeve and Cassie. Renegades won the first fight and did a great job pushing the location of teamfights closer and closer to the enemy spawn until they captured the first point. The payload was pushed all the way to the end without too much resistance because ChromaSpace couldn’t leave their spawn. This battle was interesting, as it was a war of attrition where teams traded kills and seemed to have no interest in the objective. That changed when Renegades finally caved in on the point and made up their 87% to 33% deficit and captured the point, making the score 3-0. ChromaSpace showed signs of life on their second defense and managed to fight out of their spawn a few times. But the constant pressure was too much in the end, as RNG Paladins was able to reverse sweep the series by 4-0 sweeping the last two maps. 

Quarterfinals vs Fnatic (EU)

            Fnatic’s draft for Stone Keep was centered around a Luminary Jenos boosting the damage of Zhin, Buck as they tore through the enemy backline. Renegades looked as if they wanted to focus on keeping their two tanks alive with double support, but Fnatic picked Drogoz, a champion most known for his instant kill ultimate to get rid of them with ease. The backline of RNG Paladins quickly fell to pieces, forcing them back as Fnatic captured the point. A great Inara ultimate out of the Europeans put a stop to their enemy’s final attempt at preventing Fnatic’s first capture. Although it required the investment of a lot of ultimates, Renegades stopped the payload push with about 10% of the path remaining. An extended skirmish in and around the cathedral opposite the edge of the map resulted in casualties on both sides. Fnatic’s Jenos got to sit on the point while that was happening and managed to capture it and make the game 2-1 without much resistance. The game was quickly 3-1 after RNG Paladins just didn’t know where to look because of all the flankers in their face. Renegades won the first fight that both teams fully committed to but all it took for Fnatic’s aggressive zoning to win them the game was one teamfight victory.

            A Grover pocket pick out of Renegades? SIGN ME UP! It worked for them in Week 4 in their 3-1 win against Team EnvyUs, so it’s not like this is completely out of nowhere. Grover would be tasked with healing Inara and Fernando while trying to outheal Fnatic’s Mal’Damba and Pip. The start of the game looked like Grover might work, as RNG Paladins captured the first point 100% to 39%. Fnatic held Renegades’ payload push early on for an extended period of time before RNG Paladins eventually broke free and pushed up to about 90%. But in the end it wasn’t enough, as Fnatic was able to make the game 1-1. The sustain coming out of Pip and Mal’Damba overpowered Renegades’ damage and allowed Terminus to stay alive for Fnatic and capture the point. A very long overtime with Fnatic’s push near the end of the line didn’t buy their team enough time to respawn, group up, and successfully convert. Fnatic captured 75% of the objective before Renegades could even blink and that would prove costly for our squad. They were in the trenches against Fnatic but had to briefly escape due to Terminus’ Reanimate and couldn’t run back in time to contest the point. A quadra kill by Fnatic’s Drogoz sealed the deal at 4-2 for that map and 2-0 for the series. 

That loss to Fnatic forced RNG Paladins to the losers bracket against Burrito Esports, the Latin American roster that has proven themselves at past international LANs. Burrito continued their international success by taking out Renegades 2-0 and eliminating them in the second round of the losers bracket.



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Article written by Jacob “WordsWinWars” Russell (@WordsJR on Twitter).