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The first month of the year is always exciting to get back to the competition, let’s take a look at what we’ve achieved in January 2017, game by game:


The only roster change of the month for the Renegades was the addition of kassad as head coach for the CS:GO squad. kassad is a CS veteran who has played with players like YNk and NiKo in his career, and is sure to improve the team’s play as head coach. He already had a great debut in January, at the Dreamhack Masters Las Vegas 2017 Qualifier. With kassad, the current Detroit Renegades CS:GO roster is:
Aaron “AZR” Ward
Justin “jks” Savage
Yaman “yam” Ergenekon
Karlo “USTILO” Pivac
Ricardo “Rickeh” Mulholland
Aleksandar "kassad" Trifunovic (Coach)
The Dreamhack qualifier was the only event that the CS:GO team participated in this month while preparing for the start of ESL Pro League, and it was a great display of skill. Led by jks’ amazing aim, the Renegades dominated the opposition in every stage of the bracket, even going 16-0 on one map against CLG Red. This event showed a lot of promise in the squad’s future with kassad, and they’re most certainly on the rise.
Make sure to watch them play at Dreamhack Masters Las Vegas 2017 and the ESL Pro League this month!

Call of Duty

While the Call of Duty team had a strong performance winning open bracket and advancing into Pool Play at MLG Atlanta. The event will have a $200,000 prize pool, with $80,000 and 25,000 Pro Points going to the champions.
It will also be the first event with the team’s new player, Ryan “Lawless” Lawless. The Detroit Renegades’ updated Call of Duty roster is:
Steven “Diabolic” Rivero
Andrew “Ivy” Ivers
Troy “Sender” Michaels
Ryan “Lawless” Lawless

Super Smash Bros.

Both of the Renegades’ smashers had a great January!
Swedish Delight’s top placing of the month was at Apollo in New York City, where he showed everyone why he is considered as one of the best Sheik players in the game. He came in 2nd place out of 144 players in the singles tournament, as he was unfortunately upset by KJH in the Grand Finals. In the doubles tournament, he and Duck came in 3rd place.
Dabuz also had a great month, with a superb performance at Kumite in Tennessee 2017. He won both the singles tournament and the doubles tournament with his partner, ANTi.
Watch out for both Swedish Delight and Dabuz in 2017, and expect some more great performances from them in the coming year!


The Renegades’ Overwatch team didn’t get a chance to attend any events in January. However, they were just recently invited to the Carbon Series as one of the six teams participating ! Just as a reminder, the current roster stands as:
Christopher “J3sus” Pavloff
Preston “Juv3nile” Dornon
Jeremy “Jer” Santacruz
Jonathan “Sherlockey” Davis
Liam “Mangachu” Campbell
Overwatch Carbon Series will be taking place Feb 20th - March 26th 5:30 pm pst every Monday - Wednesday on and for more information please visit
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