Renegades CS:GO - IEM Katowice 2018

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We’re Off to Poland - Renegades Qualify for IEM Katowice!

Przyjeżdżamy do Polski!

IEM Katowice will have two Australian core teams in attendance as the Detroit Renegades CS:GO squad booked their spot today after best-of-three wins over SPLYCE and Luminosity Gaming.

This will be RNG’s first attendance in the coveted Polish city, and only their fourth Intel Extreme Masters event in the organisations history, but it comes at a pivotal time in the CS:GO calendar & landscape as teams adjust following roster changes.

The Renegades began well on Cache against SPLYCE. A close pistol round loss was quickly broken back by RNG in the third round, and RNG were looking strong early as they combined for six straight. Keith “NAF” Markovic and Justin “jks” Savage were looking particularly awake on the B site, with well-timed aggression wrapping on an unsuspecting SPLYCE a number of times.

RNG didn’t stop on CT, and jks’ 1v2 clutch all but confirmed the opening map - RNG eventually runaway winners 16-10 and aiming high for a quick start to the day.

Inferno followed, and SPLYCE were quick to prove they were no pushovers. Now on their strongest map, new AWP pickup Zack 'XotiC' Elshani carved up (with a little help) on both T and CT side. A T side clinic for the boys in yellow as RNG stumbled to a 2-13 CT half. They began well on T side but were unable to complete any sort of comeback as SPLYCE ended the affair quickly at 16-7.

Map 3 was Mirage; the Renegades’ most played map at the major, and against stronger opposition at that. This time though, a weaker opponent could be exploited, and RNG got right to work on T side. RNG rolled through the rounds with little resistance, with jks returning to the form we have been waiting to see for a while, landing a 1v3 clutch into a brilliant ace later in the second half. 14-1 into 16-4 and the match and series was done.

Luminosity were granted a forfeit win following the controversial 100 Thieves lineup withdrawing before the event, and it became a large factor in map one. The Renegades, fresh off their SPLYCE win, were warmed up and ready to go and raced to an 8-2 lead this time on the CT side. Marcelo 'chelo' Cespedes dropped 27 kills in a brave attempt to keep up with the barnstorming Aussies, but NAF was too good, finding 28 frags of his own as a spirited Luminosity comeback was thwarted and eventually ended at 16-11.

Train was nothing short of a clinic. Noah “Nifty” Francis dropped 11 with the big green as Luminosity’s T side offered very little to a brutal CT defence. Much like SPLYCE’s Mirage, the Brazilian team folded in a little over half an hour. RNG would not let this opportunity slip, and they finished off with a resounding 16-6 win, booking their spot.


Close to 12000 fans will pack Spodek Arena in late February, and as the landscape changes around them, the Renegades will look once more to make their mark on the scene. It won’t be easy in Poland, with teams in attendance like major champions Cloud 9, Euro superteam FaZe Clan and hometown favourites Virtus Pro.

IEM Katowice, 27th February to 4th March. Don’t miss it. #RNGWIN

Written by Nicholas “Taffy” Taifalos