Renegades Paladins Premier League Week IV

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Renegades - Paladins Premier League Week IV 

After starting season two of the PPL with a 3-1 loss to the Boys in Blue, RNG Paladins looked to improve to over .500 with a revenge win in week four. It was in that match that Team EnvyUs won on Jaguar Falls, Brightmarsh, and Stone Keep and Renegades took Serpent Beach.


Map 1: Frog Isle

            A Jenos ban by Team EnvyUs left Renegades with Pip as their only healer while a Kinessa ban by RNG Paladins meant the only sniper in the game would be their own Strix. Team EnvyUs ran two flankers to counter Renegades’ Strix and Sha Lin while RNG Paladins drafted Inara to have consistent point presence while NV flanked them.

            Everything went according to plan for Renegades when they went to take the first point: Pip kept Inara alive on the objective while the two snipers combined for a triple kill. A well-timed Hexafire (Ruckus ultimate) by Dylan “Cliku” Mohne pushed Team EnvyUs back as the payload went around the final bend. RNG Paladins was able to easily increase their lead to 2-0 after pinning NV in the lobby outside their spawn room.

Team EnvyUs won a fight near Renegades’ ramp on the edge of the map to turn the point in their favor. The comeback mechanic made quick work of the point capture to make the score 2-1 in favor of RNG Paladins. Renegades successfully defended the payload, as NV was only able to push it about half of the way before running out of time. After a few flips of the point came a fight for all the marbles. Both teams invested every ultimate they had but it was Daniel “Viral” Madrid who picked up the triple kill on Pip to seal the game for RNG Paladins. 

Map 2: Ice Mines

            Team EnvyUs decided to take Pip away from Renegades while RNG Paladins took Fernando from their opposition. Renegades kept their hold on Inara and Sha Lin while swapping out Strix for Maeve. Jenos joined Pip on NV’s healer line while Zhin kept his spot in the composition, this time as the only flanker.

            Although Renegades had Team EnvyUs pinned in the main corridor to the point from their spawn, Paul “randomnoobtv” Palmisano’s Evil Mojo (Pip ultimate) opened up the objective for his team. A last ditch effort by Cliku was thwarted by a perfectly timed Jenos Vice Grip by Wolfgang “MrHaze” Hafer. Sean “rockmonkey” Boswell then sliced through four members of RNG Paladins as Zhin. That spree set up an easy Hyper Beam (Torvald ultimate) for Minseok “Tulky” Kim to secure his team the 2-0 lead.

            Renegades was able to pull out ahead early in the second point to the tune of 66% to 3%. NV was able to retake the point and, to no one’s surprise because it’s Ice Mines, was able to pin RNG Paladins in their spawn. There were 50 seconds left on the clock when Team EnvyUs secured the 4-0 sweep. 

Map 3: Splitstone Quarry

            Desperate times call for desperate measures: solo healer Grover for RNG Paladins? With Jenos being banned and Team EnvyUs having Pip and Mal’Damba, Renegades had to reach deep into the support champion pool. Will Grover be able to heal enough to keep Inara alive while she is under heavy fire from Strix? Hopefully Rejuvenate will be enough healing increase to make it happen.

            Although randomnoobtv was able to hit three enemies with Evil Mojo (Pip ultimate) in the final fight for the point, his team fell short by the score of 100% to 84%. It was with 15 seconds remaining that Renegades took the 2-0 lead on the back of the Rejuvenate picked up by each of their tanks. Rockmonkey (Strix) and randomnoobtv teamed up to get rid of the last of RNG Paladins on the objective to score their team’s first point of the match. Tulky’s triple kill gave his team enough space to tie the game up at two a piece. Cliku’s double kill on Inara killed the two remaining stragglers and allowed his team to take the 3-2 lead. Ryan “RuBBu” Wong had his Reanimate (Terminus ultimate) but couldn’t use it in time to contest the objective before Renegades finished their 4-2 win.

 Map 4: Brightmarsh

          Since the Grover pick worked out so well last time, RNG Paladins didn’t mind being forced into it again on Brightmarsh. The tank line they paired with him was Fernando and Ruckus, two mobile tanks who are the polar opposite of Inara. NV’s Talus will certainly complicate things with his built in anti-heal. Would Grover still be able to dish out an adequate amount of healing?

Renegades’ smart positioning, keeping all five members alive while still having presence near the objective, allowed them to take the first point of the map. Quick kills on Team EnvyUs’ front line gave RNG Paladins the space to take a 2-0 lead with NV’s backline watching from spawn. Our squad continued their dominance with a 100% to 7% capture to extend their lead to 3-0. Androxus has been Georges “Lokii” Chalhoub’s signature champion this split and he showed exactly why when his team closed out the game. He picked up a double kill with Accursed Arm, his ultimate, and managed to stay alive by reversing the damage dealt to him by the enemy Ancient Rage (Makoa ultimate). That being said, Viral definitely showed his adaptability in this set with his stellar Grover and Pip play. All my praise aside, our DPS player Lucxsan “Poison1999” Kandasamy was highlighted on the broadcast for his performance in this set: a 31/14/47 KDA and 234,405 player damage. 

RNG Paladins’ other Week 4 match was another 3-0 sweep over SK Gaming (as they did in Week 2).


Jaguar Falls

Splitstone Quarry

Stone Keep

Final Result






SK Gaming






RNG Paladins now has a 4-2 match record and a 14-9 map record in the NA PPL with two matches left to play. Their next matches are on April 22 against Splyce (0-6) at 3pm EST and G2 Esports (6-0) at 6:30pm EST! To continue to keep up to date with our Paladins team, follow us on Twitter at @Renegades. To keep up with all that is Paladins esports, follow @PaladinsPro on Twitter and visit


Article written by Jacob “WordsWinWars” Russell (@WordsJR on Twitter).