Renegades CS:GO Qualify for DreamHack Vegas

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Congratulations to the Detroit Renegades CS:GO squad on qualifying for Dreamhack Masters Las Vegas 2017! They will be playing the tournament at MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada on February 15.

The qualification run started in the Round of 16, where the Renegades were matched up against the CLG Red ladies. The Renegades outclassed CLG Red, starting on Dust 2 where both AZR and yam dealt ~100 ADR and the guys were able to win the map before even reaching Round 20. The second map, Cobblestone, was even more of a blowout, as the Renegades beat CLG Red 16-0, the team’s first 16-0 victory since doing it to the Brazilian SK Gaming last year. Both jks and Rickeh dealt 117.4 ADR and jks had an incredible 20-0 KD.

The next matchup, NRG Esports, was more of a challenge. Despite AZR carrying with over 100 ADR on Mirage, NRG was able to edge out that first map 16-14. Something clicked within the Renegades squad after that though, and the next two maps went much more in their favor. The 16-7 victory on Train was led by the trio of jks, AZR, and USTILO, all of whom got over 20 kills and 100 ADR. The third and final map was Cache, where the Renegades blew NRG out of the water with a 16-1 victory. Three out of the five players had a kill-death differential of at least 10, and every player except for Rickeh dealt over 95 ADR. Between this match and the match against CLG Red, the Renegades had a lot of positive momentum going forward into their final match of the day.

At this point, the only team left between the Renegades and qualification was team Liquid. This would certainly be the biggest challenge for the team, since this is ⅘ of the team that went to the Grand Finals of ESL One: Cologne 2017. Map 1, Cache, was a nailbiter and went to two overtimes, with Team Liquid just edging it out 22-20. Mirage was just as close, going into two overtimes again, but this time it was the Renegades’ turn to barely win 22-19. On the third map, Dust 2, jks had possibly his best performance of the day. He scored a kill-death differential of 15 and dealt over 115 ADR. USTILO also had a strong map with over 105 ADR on Dust 2. The duo led Renegades to dominate Team Liquid and win the map 16-3, even though Team Liquid used to be famous for their Dust 2. With this victory, the Renegades qualified for Dreamhack Masters Las Vegas 2017.

It’s especially notable that this was the squad’s first appearance with Kassad as head coach. The team’s Terrorist side looked stronger than it did in the past, which can very likely be credited to Kassad. jks also looked much more comfortable and confident in the new system, and was able to dominate against every team he played against.


Jon "JLB" Barak, Senior Writer

Twitter: @jlbCS

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