Renegades and DXRacer team up

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Today, the Detroit Renegades are teaming up with the premium chair and desk manufacturer DXRacer. For the past 14 years, DXRacer has been dedicated to high quality chairs and are the leaders of the gaming chair industry in comfort and innovation.

Starting as just a racing chair manufacturer, DXRacer has expanded to creating some of the most comfortable office and gaming chairs. They’ve learned that at the highest levels of competition, every detail matters, and a good seat can mean the difference between victory and defeat. All teams under the Renegades name will be using DXRacer chairs.

This is the third official sponsorship that the Renegades have been involved in since being acquired by NBA player and owner Jonas Jerebko, after partnering with HyperX in November and 5-Hour Energy earlier this month. This is the Renegades’ first gaming chair sponsor.

To learn more about DXRacer or purchase a chair or desk for yourself, check out their website and follow them @DXRacer. Also, make sure to keep up to date with the Detroit Renegades on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube!

Jon "JLB" Barak, Senior Writer

Twitter: @jlbCS