PAX Australia: Thank You Melbourne

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PAX Australia - Thank You Melbourne!

The fifth iteration of PAX Australia has come and gone! Well over 50,000 people packed out the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre over the three day event to come together as a community and celebrate gaming, from the PC to the tabletop and everything in between.

Over sixty exhibitors were present, showcasing everything from PC and console games, to handheld devices, VR, sim racing, tabletop, board & card games, esports, peripherals, accessories and merchandise. Accompanying the expo hall were a variety of panels to help like-minded people meet and learn from the industry’s best, covering everything from art to content creation & streaming.

For the Renegades, it provided an opportunity to connect with the main fanbase down under, particularly those supporting the Australian-based Fortnite team. The X2 Twins Jordan & Jesse Eckley, Harley “mrfreshasian” Campbell, Hersh “Hershicals” Notani as well as manager Albert “sozo” Nguyen spent the best part of the event meeting and greeting fans of all ages whilst showcasing the reason why they’re considered the best at Fortnite in the country.

Linking up with popular Fortnite content creators LachlanYT and LazarBeam, the boys put on a show for the turnout, inviting fans to play Fortnite with them whilst also answering questions about competing in Australian professional Fortnite, their daily routines both in and out of the game and giving plenty of tips & tricks to help players improve at their game.

A massive thank you to the fans that made the trip out to Melbourne to meet the team and to sponsors Alienware & HyperX for providing an opportunity for the boys to showcase their talent & charisma for their biggest fans. We hope to return and see you at PAX Australia next year!


Written by Nicholas “Taffy” Taifalos

@TaffyAU on Twitter