Paladins Premier League Recap

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Renegades begin Paladins Premier League with a rollercoaster win over Team EnvyUs

After defeating Team EnvyUs last week in the Paladins Global Series, RNG Paladins was looking forward to making it two in a row against the #BoysInBlue to start the Paladins Premier League. Team EnvyUs (formerly “Swarm”) would play without their starting Front Line player in Brian “badmit” Lynn and call in the services of substitute Bari-da “Dethroner” Kpea. After Justin “Vandy” Cheung’s move to the substitute position, Zach “ShadeeyShades” Gilbert (formerly of Denial Esports [who is now SK] and shiftsix) was making his debut as a Paladins DPS player under the Renegades banner.

Game 1: Jaguar Falls

Paul “randomnoobtv” Palmisano of NV got his signature Drogoz and was set to deal a lot of AoE damage on a close quarters map like Jaguar Falls, especially with his teammate Jaeden “Invocal” Smith picking Drogoz’s best counter away from Renegades in Androxus.

Renegades started the first fight by flanking on the right by the waterfalls while NV split their forces on both sides of the objective. One thing led to another and ShadeeyShades (on Cassie) got his not-so-warm welcome back to the highest level of Paladins play by Invocal. Invocal then managed to take out Renegades’ Makoa (Loc “Ehtereall” Nguyen), allowing NV to capture 99% of the point to Renegades’ measly 9%. Double kills by both ShadeeyShades and Ethereall turned the tide for Renegades, allowing them to set up shop and slowly capture the objective. NV was only able to kill Joshua “Stormtroopey” Veillon in back to back teamfights, but the sacrifice was worth it in the end with the capture of the first point. The “archery allegiance” of Lokii and ShadeeyShades meant that Renegades would make quick work of the payload push and start off with a 2-0 lead.

Renegades earned enough credits from their early success to purchase level 2 of the offensive items they began the game with, allowing them to be even more aggressive and push their lead even further. Both teams would exchange two picks each, with each team losing a DPS and frontliner after the teams took similar positions as before. Renegades would be able to capture 54% of the point while NV wisely retreated. EnvyUs was able to group up and push Renegades back with the threat of randomnoobtv’s Dragon Punch, but the relief of pressure was short lived. Renegades took out NV piece by piece and pushed out ahead even further to 3-0. The payload push to end the game started off strong, but randomnoobtv’s Triple Kill as Drogoz squashed any chances Renegades had of finishing off the sweep. The score now stood at 3-1 in favor of Renegades.

An important thing to note about NV being able to pull off that defense is that Renegades didn’t get the big boon of 300 credits per player like they did with the first payload push. This put EnvyUs in a much better position in terms of item economy, making a comeback much more likely. Speaking of comebacks, NV was able to use the comeback mechanic to capture 99% of the objective without much effort. After a little bit of resistance by Renegades, NV was able to make it 3-2 after randomnoobtv showed off his ability to take out high value targets. NV was able to buy a lot of time for themselves in their attempt to tie up the game, but all it took was a rush of red jerseys to fly out of spawn to push back the invaders and keep the game at 3-2. I’ve said his name a lot, but randomnoobtv proved that you have to consistently pressure out the Drogoz if you want to close out the game. He made sure that the game wasn’t over for his team by being the true damage carry in yet another teamfight to tie the game up at 3.

Renegades was able to defend the payload push, but not without the storyline of Lokii accidentally using his ultimate at the end of the round. NV had all 5 of their ults and Renegades sat with only 3, could NV complete the reverse sweep? The answer to that question is no. Renegades was able to win their respective duels and defend what was rightfully theirs, a 1-0 lead in the series. Lokii secured “Player of the Game” honors on Sha Lin with a 20/5/22 KDA and 173,808 player damage. Getting the win was nice, but you couldn’t help but feel uneasy after almost throwing the game like that.

Game 2: Fish Market

The main talking point of the draft for Map 2 is whether or not Lokii could emulate the success he had on Sha Lin with Cassie. Another thing to note is that Renegades decided to put ShadeeyShades on the Lian instead of letting him do his thing on Cassie again.

In the short term it didn’t look like that shift was going to pay off, as randomnoobtv got his other comfort pick (Bomb King) and was able to pick up first blood on Lian. Would Renegades regret banning Torvald instead of Bomb King again? NV’s composition of Bomb King, Ash, and Barik was great at creating space and controlling the area around the objective. What does this mean? A 1-0 lead for Team EnvyUs. Not much came of the following payload push, as NV decided it was best to save their ultimates given how far they had to push the payload and how much time they had left.

Both teams were able to capture at least 90% of the point, but NV was able to make it two point captures in a row after nearly every player invested their ultimate in the fight. Dethroner’s Dome Shield ultimate as Barik was timed perfectly, as Renegades’ front line would’ve died quickly if they dared to even get close to the point. NV quickly pushed the payload to around the 66% mark, but they failed multiple times to turn the last corner before the final straightaway to paydirt. EnvyUs had the lead in net worth after capturing the point twice, but the score was tied at 2-2.

Although Renegades was able to capture a decent percentage of the point previously, their 60% to 0% lead in the third point fight was a first for them this game. Renegades unfortunately used a lot of ultimates and got no kills from them and paid for it, proving once again that the team who is on the point first isn’t always the one who gets the capture. Randomnoobtv used his King Bomb ultimate to scare away Renegades in order to allow NV to capture the point yet again. NV was able to secure the win 4-2 after Renegades became too spread out and had no ultimates to contest the objective with. Randomnoobtv received “Player of the Game” honors as Bomb King with a 10/10/10 KDA and 103,258 player damage.

Game 3: Stone Keep

Renegades would ban the Bomb King like they did in Game 1, proving that they would rather play against randomnoobtv on Drogoz instead. Lokii and ShadeeyShades got their original champions, meaning RNG planned to rely on Lokii to carry the team once again.

ShadeeyShades was able to get the first kill of the match onto the enemy Drogoz, but NV’s Front Line of Inara and Ash were just so sturdy and they were able to pitch their tents on the point and take the 1-0 lead. Renegades’ DPS champions were in the Church to the right of the objective from their spawn and couldn’t get out due to the pressure exerted by randomnoobtv’s Combustible Drogoz. Next up on the list of players to step up for Team EnvyUs was Invocal on Androxus, as he picked up a triple kill right outside his enemies’ spawn while his team took the 2-0 lead with about 40 seconds remaining.

Lokii would start off the point fight with a double kill on the objective while on his perch next to the Cathedral on the left hand side from his spawn. Even with the help of the comeback mechanic, Renegades couldn’t capture the point after they got taken out by another crazy triple kill by randomnoobtv’s Drogoz. Could Renegades come back from a 3-0 deficit with their backs against the wall? NV threw everything they had after pushing the payload all the way to Renegades’ door, but the combination of ultimates from Dylan “Cliku” Mohne (Torvald) and Lokii on his Sha Lin were enough to make the game 3-1.

Renegades was able to start the point fight with picks onto both of NV’s DPS champions, but NV still made it a good fight as they always do. Renegades was able to make the game 3-2 after allowing NV to capture 99% of the point despite not having the comeback mechanic in their favor. Team EnvyUs just didn’t have all the ultimates they wanted to close it out, meaning that another solid comeback was in the works this set after Renegades’ first point capture of the game. Both teams had a lot of ultimates on the table and didn’t want to waste them in the short term, knowing that there would be an even bigger fight later. The score would remain 3-2, with NV once again having a chance to slam the door.

Lokii would help the Renegades start this fight on the right foot, as he picked up a triple kill and forced the rest of NV back with low health. Anyone else getting a feeling of déjà vu? ShadeeyShades joined in on the fun in the following teamfight, as he picked up a double kill along with Lokii on Renegades’ way to tie up the game at 3 a piece. Speaking of things happening again, Renegades once again couldn’t get the payload to the Promised Land after both sides invested quite a lot into it.

It all comes down to this. NV failed to complete the comeback in game 1, but could Renegades do it in the final game of the set? (Of course, you can read the title!) After quite a lot of exchange between the two squads, Renegades had 68% of the point captured while Team EnvyUs stood at 48%. ShadeeyShades was able to distract Invocal and the enemy healer, eventually picking up the kill on Invocal. The Mal’Damba would end up not being able to heal his teammates, leading to a Renegades victory in the end. The comeback had been completed, words can’t describe how nerve racking this last game was, watch this game if you watch any of them. Both teams made a lot of mistakes, but in the end it was NV who blew the 3-0 lead. Lokii once again earned the “Player of the Game” honor as Sha Lin, this time with a 28/16/22 KDA and 167,424 player damage.

One win down, seven more to go for RNG Paladins in the PPL! Make sure to watch our Week 2 PPL matchups on Sunday, October 8th at! We play Splyce at 3pm EST and G2 Esports at 5:30pm EST. To continue to keep up to date with our Paladins team, follow us on Twitter at @Renegades. To keep up with all that is Paladins esports, follow @PaladinsPro on Twitter and visit


Article written by Jacob “WordsWinWars” Russell (@WordsJR on Twitter).