Paladins Patch Rundown

Posted by Detroit Renegades on

Three Solo queue Heroes that you should be playing in OB 59

When it comes to tanks, this turtle has shell spun his way to the top patch after patch. Being able to adapt during draft is key to winning your games. Having two unique builds allowing him to adapt to either a Damage / Flank role or a great Zone control tank allows him take control of any game.

Pluck - This Legendary card allows Makoa to pack a huge punch of 1170 damage onto his hook target. You should take this in situations where you believe that your team will have trouble finishing up kills or if you are playing against low HP pool heroes such as Andro/Lian/Maeve.

Half Shell - One of the best tank legendary cards in the game. When you have this Legendary selected and you use his shield instead of putting Makoa into the animation of holding his shield up he will instead place his shield onto the ground. In the early parts of the game where wrecker has not gone into full swing, the shield will give your whole team and yourself protection. You can use this defensively to gain point time or offensively to zone out the opponent by dipping in and out of your shield while taking almost risk free shots. This also lets you line yourself up for that perfect hook.

Makoa play style - Once you enter the realm as Makoa there is now an invisible zone around you that your enemies are aware of. Take advantage of this to zone your enemies to sides of the map that are lacking cover or to hook anyone that enters this zone. Always be aware of your hook CD and communicate it effectively with your team using the in-game voice chat. Combine this with your high HP pool and an amazing 650-damage-weapon hitting will allow you to raise your ELO in no time.

If tank is not your play style and you are looking for some more flashy plays, this kitten has you covered. Pouncing her way back into the realm in OB 58 with huge buffs to her dagger size and speed she has made flanks once again viable.

Nine Lives - Again, adaptability is Key in solo queue, thankfully Maeve has one of the most useful tools out there. When Nine Lives is used this clears ALL cc and damage over time effects on Maeve and as an added bonus heals her for 500 health. If you have cat-like reflexes like Maeve you can use this to cleanse things like Makoa hook, an Impaler arrow, or a Dread Serpent fear.

Rogue's Gambit - This Legendary, albeit situational, allows for Maeve to reset her Pounce after a successful elimination. When you take advantage of her new daggers and start sniping people for a whopping 900 damage burst, you can use this Legendary to get in range for a quick Execute combo and then return back to safety before anyone notices.

Maeve play style - Practice is key with this character, I always recommend spending time in casuals to learn the ins and outs of characters before you enter ranked with them especially with this flanker. Your daggers are very strong and need to connect with your opponent on every throw. Master landing them at all ranges and you should be climbing up to masters in no time.

After you have learned to land your daggers, combine them with your Pounce and you will be racking up so many credits you won’t know what to spend them on.


Now I may be a little biased when it comes to this squirrel/racoon...thing, but I have had a ton of success with him. In terms of adaptability, Pip is king thanks to his ability to deal a lot of damage and put out lots of healing at the same time.

Catalyst - My current preferred play style with Pip, this card allows him to dish out a lot of damage. Targets hit by Pip's Explosive Flask will take 40% bonus damage from your weapon shots adding up to 840 damage. Using this in conjunction with your heal will allow you to out-duel any damage in the game. Keep in mind the cool down of your flask and only try to pick fights when you have this ability up.

Mega Potion - If you have been pigeonholed into healing, this Legendary is necessary on Pip. This card will double the healing from Pips healing potion to 2400 instant healing. Combine that with the card Reload to throw this out twice adding up to 4800 burst healing. Don't forget that you can explode pips heal potion mid-air by pressing the Healing Flask button again.

Pip play style - Ability management is very important with pip. Always watch your timers and change your play style accordingly. Pip will always out-sustain the enemy in 1v1s so take advantage of this by getting your opponent low from range and then using Weightless to finish off kills. Keep in mind that your Explosive Flask can be used offensively to confirm a kill, or defensively to keep your enemies from finishing off kills. Something to note about Pips ult is that it will set your enemies HP to 1500 health, so make sure you don’t accidentally allow someone to escape by healing them.