IEM Katowice Recap- Major Championship and Fortnite Katowice Royale

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The Renegades CS:GO team went down swinging to the Brazilian giants in MIBR in their quarter-final last week 0-2 (6-16, 12-16), but even this result wouldn’t sour an otherwise perfect three weeks of competition in Katowice.

Justin ‘jks’ Savage summed up his experience on stage with IEM interviewer Frankie Ward shortly after the loss to MIBR. “It was pretty awesome walking out onto stage in front of the crowd - the atmosphere was unbelievable. We’ve never played on as big of a stage as that before, pretty incredible.”

RNG opted for a riskier Dust 2 pick with the expectation that MIBR would study up on the boys’ other maps, but in reality the Brazilians prepared for Dust 2 and executed their game plan perfectly. The boys wouldn’t go down without a fight though - after dropping Dust 2 16-6, the Renegades took MIBR to the limit with a brilliant 11-round CT half.

“We knew we could always be good but in the past couple of week’s we’ve grown so much as a team. I guess what I’ve learned is that we have a high potential, as long as just we keep working the way we’ve been working I think we can do even better next time. - Justin ‘jks’ Savage

Led by Sean ‘Gratisfaction’ Kaiwai’s 24 kills including 13 with the AWP, the Renegades won the opening gun round in the second half to go 12-6 ahead and looked to force a third map. However, three 23-kill efforts from FalleN, fer and TACO helped contribute heavily to MIBR’s massive 10 round comeback and despite a number of post-plant opportunities, the Brazilians were just too good taking Train 16-12 and the series 2-0.

Regardless, a scintillating 3-0 in the Challenger stage and a confident 3-1 in the Legends stage put the CS:GO scene on notice. Their record-breaking 6-1 Swiss record included Major Champions Astralis’ only map loss in the Katowice Major coming to the boys on Mirage, whilst Major runner-up ENCE dropped both a best-of-one and a best-of-three to RNG.

“Everyone’s on the same page right now.” - Justin ‘jks’ Savage

The boys’ run in Poland now sees them sitting in 7th position in HLTV’s CS:GO rankings - over a year since their last top 10 position in February 2018 and their highest ranking ever. Consistency is key, and RNG will look to uphold their performance in Katowice in their coming events, with StarSeries & i-League’s Season 7 LAN just around the corner and both ECS & ESL Pro Leagues starting shortly after.

If it’s anything like the previous month, it might be time to dust off the trophy cabinet.

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While the CS:GO team stole the spotlight at the Spodek Arena main stage, the x2 Twins Jordan & Jesse Eckley put OCE on the map at the Fortnite Katowice Royale.

Against some of the best to play the game from around the world and battling jet lag & minor technical issues the twins combined to score 172 points in the opening day of solos, with Jordan finishing equal 32nd and Jesse 62nd in their international debut under the Renegades.

But the big one came on day one of the duo tournament. Finishing 34th overall with 209 points, the twins made a break at the end of day one of the duos with a Victory Royale in game 6, including a monstrous 8 eliminations from Jesse.

“That was so much fun. We changed up our drop spot and Jesse just popped off, dude. I was just following him the whole game - he was just going off. We had a bad stroke of luck at the start but [winning the match] is a big relief.” - x2 Twins Jordan & Jesse Eckley

The undisputed Kings of Australia will return home in preparation for their road to the Fortnite World Cup. With over two months of qualifiers culminating in the World Cup Finals in New York and with over $30,000,000 in prize money up for grabs, you can be sure the boys will be pushing hard to be in the mix for late June.


Written by Nicholas “Taffy” Taifalos

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