CS:GO Announcement ESL Pro League

Posted by Detroit Renegades on

Today we are announcing that Sean "Gratisfaction" Kaiwai will not be attending the ESL Pro League Stage One and fellow teammate Joakim "jkaem" Myrbostad is also listed as questionable to attend the opening stage this weekend.

Unfortunately, due to a heavy schedule and legal red tape, Gratisfaction was ruled out of the event as his Visa is still in process. This is especially disappointing as his Australian counterpart Liazz had no issues and is taking his place in the event.

To fill in for Gratisfaction is Owen "smooya" Butterfield who is joining Renegades on a loan from BIG clan. Gratisfaction will reclaim his spot in the lineup after Pro League Group Stage One.

In preparation for jkaem, we are also announcing that Stephen "reltuC" has been added to the roster to fill in for jkaem in an event he can't attend as he waits for his passport to be available.

Please welcome and support both smooya and reltuc who both agreed on short notice to help us out. A special thank you to BIG clan for allowing us to play with smooya during this time.