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Renegades have secured a spot in the grand final at DreamHack ZOWIE Open Winter after defeating Kinguin 2-1 (9-16 on Dust2, 16-7 on Mirage, and 16-14 on Cobblestone).


Kinguin who finished Group A in the second place faced the Group B leaders Renegades in the first semi-final at DreamHack Winter.


The first map was Dust2 and the Poles who started on the CT-side secured the pistol round with Mikołaj "mouz" Karolewski's triple kill. Despite winning the anti-ecos and having a 3vs2 advantage in the first gun round, Kinguin couldn't stop Ricardo "Rickeh" Mulholland who got Renegades their first round in the match.Renegades are through to the grand final 


The T-sided Renegades took the lead afterwards and finished the first half 9-6 ahead. Their lead, however, diminished quickly as Kinguin snatched ten rounds in a row to win the map 16-9.


The Aussies recovered in the second map Mirage and got going in the T-side by picking up the first three rounds. Although they lost the gun round, they replied swiftly and broke Kinguin's economy, making the score 4-1. The Polish team were able to get a few rounds towards the end of the half but Renegades led 12-3 and later closed out the game 16-7.


The CT-sided Kinguin were victorious in the pistol round on Cobblestone and their win in the first gun round made things even worse for the Australians (4-0). Following a 0-6 start, Renegades recovered to take the lead but trailed 7-8 at the end of the first half.


The Poles attained a big advantage by winning both the second half pistol round and the first gun round but Rickeh's triple kill turned things around as Renegades got their eighth round against Kinguin's twelve.


The Aussies eventually caught up to Kinguin, tying the game at 12-12, but mouz saved his team with a 1vs3 clutch. Rickeh replied with a clutch of his own and Renegades went on to win the match, advancing to the grand final.


BenjaCS, Contributor