A Scarecrow's Farewell

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A Scarecrow’s Farewell 


The Renegades today farewell a true bastion of inspiration in the FGC community in Nicolas “WhiteBoi” Andersen. Since May 2017 Whiteboi tore up the Injustice 2 ranks with his dazzling Scarecrow plays, earning and maintaining a top 10 spot in both actual (12 month) and all-time rankings on Shoryuken. 

In 13 events under the RNG flag WhiteBoi finished top ten in all but 3 of them, and while he dabbled with Deadshot and Aquaman on occasion, he made his mark on the lesser-played Scarecrow, with his championship performance at CEO 2017 the most memorable yet, taking home the trophy and $12,000 USD. 

“It has been a long and tough road that Nicolas and I have walked together, and I am sad to say that our journey ends here. He’s a good friend, a top role model, and a strong athlete. I am personally happy to have seen what he has accomplished in such a short time and I expect amazing results wherever Nicolas heads. Myself and the Detroit Renegades wish him the best of luck coming into the Injustice 2 Pro Series.”

- Shahrukh “Shark” Panjwani, General Manager 

WhiteBoi’s top tournament finishes:

  • 1st @ CEO 2017
  • 2nd @ Viennality 2017
  • 2nd @ Texas Showdown 2018
  • 4th @ Defend the North 2017
  • 5th @ East Coast Throwdown 2017 

WhiteBoi is an outstanding player both in and out of the game, and an absolute role model for any aspiring competitors in the FGC. We wish Nick the best of luck in his endeavours in future events and titles. 

Once a Renegade, always a Renegade!



Written by Nicholas “Taffy” Taifalos